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ACC Roundup

It's Wednesday, and State-UNC is on the schedule, which means it should be a
fun game. State, as usual,
is looking for a slight, s
ome kind of motivation. It's going to be a
different sort of game - Herb Sendek has not yet dealt with Roy Williams, and
vice-versa. Ol' Roy's going to want to run, and Herb will want to slow it
down and wear UNC down in the halfcourt, so it should be
interesting. Among other things, as Williams points out, given
State's system, Sean May can't hang out under the basket. Like a lot of
this season, we don't have a feel for this one at all, but it should be a blast
to watch.

Duke 5-0 16-1
NC State 4-1 11-4
Georgia Tech 4-2 16-3
Florida State 3-3 14-5
Wake Forest 2-3 11-4
Maryland 2-3 11-5
North Carolina 2-3 12-4
Virginia 2-4 12-5
Clemson 1-6 8-10
Boston College 13-5
Miami 13-6
Virginia Tech 8-8

State is still
struggling on the road,
of course, as they have for years now. But
they have also had marked success against UNC, and after the Tech win, well, why
not? Sure they could. Whether they will or not is different, but they're

BJ Elder hasn't been playing that great lately, but he got it going for
Clemson, lighting
the Tigers up for 36
. Of course, that means that he nearly outscored
the rest of his team, who combined for 40, which indicates something wasn't
working quite right, at least to us. A quick spin through the box score
shows Jarret Jack with 8, Marvin Lewis with 11, Will Bynum with 7, and 12 points
from everyone else. We haven't watched the game yet, but a couple of
points: first, Clemson is about to take someone out. They're struggling
with turnovers and their offense is lousy, but they are hanging around in games,
and soon enough, they're going to knock off a major opponent. Second, his
points came at Will Bynum's expense: over the last three games, Bynum has scored
25, 20, and 17. Is Tech having a problem incorporating a second major
scorer? Stay tuned...