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Baseball's Latest Weird News

There's a weird story out of baseball which finds a Japanese pitcher who has
signed with Cleveland apologizing
for his appearance in a gay porn video
as an active participant.
Baseball's not really our concern here, but we link it because homosexuality is
a real issue in sports, much more so than in the broader society, and we'll be
interested to see how all of this plays out. Coming along at the same time
as Dr. J's video housecall was distributed, it sort of frames a number of
issues, ranging from sex and sports to being stupid enough to have any kind of
sex on camera.

The pitcher, Kazuhito Tadano, wants to make it very clear that despite the
video, he's not gay. And to an extent that's understandable - possibly the
last place in the world you'd want to be gay is in a pro sports clubhouse.
John Salley said something like it would be better to be a murderer than to be
gay on a pro sports team.

Anyway, we just wanted to mention it, because it hits on a lot of societal
faultlines and thus is a story worth following.