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ACC Roundup

Maryland is not lighting the conference on fire right now - they are in a
3-way tie for fifth at 2-3 - but
it's a talented young team with a lot of upside.
They're not going to
stay two spots out of last for long.

Todd May - oops, forgive our 90's flashback - Sean May - is having a pretty
good season, all things considered, but says he's frustrated. At least
he's not threatening to jump out of an airplane like his coach.

Tim Pickett, understandably, was named ACC
Player of The Week
, and UVa's JR
Reynolds was named Rookie Of The Week.
For FSU, keeping
momentum going is a new trick
, but one they seem to appreciate. Let's
hope it stops before they come to Durham Thursday.

Hodge was pretty upset
when he didn't get to play much against Tech due to
foul trouble, but he has a chance to make up for it against UNC, when he'll
likely go toe-to-toe with Rashad McCants. That should be a fun one!

has struggled in the last four games
, largely because they are quite young
and have had a number of injuries. But we wouldn't write them off just
yet. That Prosser is a heck of a coach.

will miss Clarence Moore (turf toe) for the Clemson game
, which is no great
loss, but he may also miss the Duke game, which could be a problem.