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ACC Roundup

Well blow me down! Everyone who thought State would be in second place
at this point in the season, please raise your hand and then head to the nearest
phone booth for a convention. There aren't many of you, we're sure.

Yet there the Pack is, alone in second place, ahead of Tech, Wake, UNC, and
Maryland, all teams expected to surpass the funky Pack. No point guard? No
problem. No big man? Who cares. Just keep shooting! State
defeated Tech despite missing - missing! - 29 three pointers,
and a really
bad game from Mr. Julius Hodge (he's taken to calling himself that recently).

State plays UNC soon, and despite the erratic play of the Heels,
they put down the Cavaliers Saturday afternoon
, and
improved their defense as well.

Duke 5-0 16-1
NC State 4-1 11-4
Georgia Tech 3-2 15-3
Wake Forest 2-2 11-3
Florida State 2-3 13-5
North Carolina 2-3 12-4
Virginia 2-4 12-5
Maryland 1-3 10-5
Clemson 1-4 8-8
Boston College 13-5
Miami 13-5
Virginia Tech 8-8

On Sunday, Wake gets a chance to arrest a bit of a skid, taking on Florida
State. Odds are they'd rather be playing in Winston, but you get what you
get. The Wake players had a players-only meeting to discuss what has led
to a three-game losing streak. Prosser's reaction? "It's their
team," Prosser told the Winston-Salem Journal. "I didn't have to hear
about it. I'm glad." That is a brilliant answer, and the answer of a
very secure coach. Nicely put.

Contrast that to
the Williams-who-has-won-a-national-championship
(but not done much
since). In this article, The Post explores Gary's sideline antics,
including the first (published) story of him terrifying a kid during a game.
Nice move, coach!

The gist of the article is this: yes, the guy is out of control, but not
really. So when we see him yell and curse and scream at his bench, we're
supposed to believe that he does this because he doesn't want to disrupt the
flow of the game?

You know, we admire the intensity, and the profanity is not even particularly
troubling, but why berate people? Why scare little kids? So he's a type A (he's
a big A, too)

In a related story, Maryland's Chris
McCray didn't wait for his coach to belittle himself.
He beats the