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ACC Roundup

In Chapel Hill, folks are still trying to figure out what
the heck happened in Tallahassee
. Rashad McCants and Roy Williams just
don't get it.

In Tallahassee, though, everyone pretty much feels like they fell in the
butter, and who can blame them? From their point of view, this
was epic
(and from anyone's it really would have been. UNC would have
dedicated a chapeter of next year's media guide to the great victory).

And while everyone in the ABC club may have enjoyed it, Pete Gillen no doubt
is gritting his teeth, as his Cavaliers
are heading to Chapel Hill for a little post-major-upset tiff.

It doesn't happen all that often, but once in a while, you see guys who work
at more than one ACC school. Vic Bubas, Press Maravich, Dave Odom,
spring to mind, and most recently, of course, Oliver Purnell.

Purnell got his start as a Driesell assistant at Maryland, and of course is
now the head man at Clemson. It won't show up in the record just yet, but
he's doing a great job there so far.

State and Tech are about to get together and
slug it out for second place,
but Herb Sendek says don't get too excited
(which he says a lot, come to think of it). Will Bynum is fitting
right in.