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DBR Fundraiser, Round II

Today marks the beginning of the second phase of our DBR fundraiser. Over the
we surveyed you guys to see what you thought would be an appropriate way for
this site to continue and to (we hope) prosper for years to come. Of the three
choices - subscription, ad-supported, or a PBS-style fundraiser, the latter was
by far the most popular choice. And in our first installment we got about
halfway to our goal for the year. Thanks!

After a lot of input from you guys, we came up with these donation
suggestions (links are through PayPal):

  • a dime a day? That works out to 36.50 per year.
  • a dollar a week? That works out to 52 dollars a year.
  • .50 cents per day, the price of most newspapers? $182.50 a year.

Some of you had also suggested specific levels of giving, so we'd like to add
those as well:

  • $25.00 per year
  • $50.00 per year
  • $100.00 per year
  • $500.00 per year

For those of you who would prefer to send a check, you can send it to this

Duke Basketball Report
5310 South Alston Avenue, Suite 210
Durham, North Carolina 27713

We've always enjoyed having an open site, because to us, that's what the Web
should be about. Unfortunately, though, running the site isn't free, and there's
no way we can pay for it ourselves anymore. Our ability to continue it depends
directly on the support we get from you guys, and unlike PBS, we get no subsidy.
You guys are it!

We get a lot of e-mail thanking us for doing DBR, and we'd just like to
reverse that briefly and tell you how much it has meant to us. We've made
enduring friendships, seen people get married after meeting here, and in a lot
of ways it has been profoundly rewarding. We can't thank everyone enough
for the generosity of spirit and the immense support we get to do this.
Thanks again for everything, guys. It means more than you'll ever know.