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FITS At Tally As FSU Discovers Another Sport!

Last evening the pulchritudinous Mrs. FITS fluttered into the living
room with panic on her visage.

"What's that godawful noise in here?" she inquired. "Is the cat
gacking up another hairball?"

"No, honey" replied your flatulent FITSter, "It's just the Tarheels
gacking up a 24 point lead against Florida State."

Madame FITS was delighted to hear this news, and soon settled in with
your virulent vendor of venom. (Since FITS had spent the better part of
the afternoon tossing a football through a tire, he was in a highly
receptive mood.)

As FITS is a guy who loves tradition, he was especially pleased to
note that Roy Williams has followed in the hallowed footsteps of Dean
Smith in defending the three point shot. Or not defending it, to be
slightly more accurate.

With mere seconds remaining in regulation, and the Ghastly Blues
nursing a three point lead, everyone in the building knew that FSU
needed to take a three point shot. Except for the Tarheel coach, of

The FSU dribbler faked taking the ball to the hole, luring the
mathematically challenged Tarheels to the lane, whereupon (Gadzooks!) he
headed back out to the three point line where he found nary a Tarheel in
sight and promptly buried the shot to knot the score, not to mention the
collective Tarheel windpipe.

FITS will say this about the Heels: at least they went quietly in
overtime, putting up nary a struggle. This often happens when the brain
is deprived of oxygen for prolonged periods.

As Mrs. FITS humanely noted, "at least they didn't suffer."