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ACC Roundup

Duke 4-0 14-1
Georgia Tech 3-1 15-2
NC State 3-1 10-4
Wake Forest 2-2 11-3
Virginia 2-3 12-4
North Carolina 1-2 11-3
Maryland 1-2 10-4
Florida State 1-3 12-5
Clemson 1-4 8-8
Boston College 13-4
Miami 12-5
Virginia Tech 8-7

State came oh-so-close to winning at B.C., but
fell short by one
. Hey, good news Pack - you'll get more chances!
Surprise - State went over nine minutes at the end of the game with no field
goals. Why does this happen to them? Since personnel keeps changing,
it can only be coaching.

Wake stayed home to host the Yellow Jackets and lost a critical game,
73-66. Wake has fallen to fourth in the league. For a team which was just
recently undefeated, the last few games haven't been much fun. But with
the bottom of the conference reading (from the bottom up): Clemson, FSU,
Maryland, Carolina, and Virginia, they aren't alone with a bit of anxiety. If
Maryland loses to Duke, they're in a serious hole.

Speaking of the 'Hoos (who?) UVa defeated Clemson in an ugly game, 61-50.
Ugly is a relative term, though: Pete Gillen has found some guys who don't mind
playing defense, which must be a refreshing change.