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ACC Roundup

After a weekend which saw UNC dump #1 UConn, and former UNC athletic freak
Julius Peppers move onto the big stage at the Super Bowl, what heel could
possibly be unhappy?

Duke 4-0 14-1
NC State 3-1 10-3
Wake Forest 2-1 11-2
Georgia Tech 2-1 14-2
North Carolina 1-2 11-3
Maryland 1-2 10-4
Clemson 1-3 8-7
Virginia 1-3 11-4
Florida State 1-3 12-5
Boston College 12-4
Miami 12-5
Virginia Tech 8-6

Doh! Don't get us wrong, we're not suggesting that he's a small-minded
petty tyrant or anything, but you know anyone who takes the UNC job has to have
a very healthy ego, and on some level, after seeing a number of people who
fairly firmly rejected him succeeding in some of the biggest ways possible, you know
his stomach is churning, even if he wouldn't admit to it.

You turn the TV on on Saturday, you see UNC, behind head case Rashad McCants,
knocking off the biggest bullies in the schoolyard, then Julius Peppers, who
supposedly, along with Ronald Curry, gave up basketball rather than play with
Doherty for another year, you see their dreams - hell, your dreams - come true,
and what can you do? Maybe he did finally kick the dog, after all.

About the only bit of karma left for Matt would be to go to court on some
fairly serious offense - let's say, for absolutely (and we mean that, don't read
into this) no reason, a DWI, and find out that the judge used to be a Duke
cheerleader. Told you they were smart!

On top of that, you look at that goofball over in Raleigh, and he's in second
place - why? What did you do to deserve any of this? Doh is me, doh
is me.

Virginia finally got out of goose eggs,
beating Florida State 76-67 in overtime.