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Wow! Panthers In Super Bowl!

Somewhat amazingly, just two years after going 1-15, the
Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl
, and for the next two weeks, it's
going to overshadow everything in the North Carolina sports world. Except

You have to be impressed by what they've accomplished, because not only were
they recovering from a terrible fall in the standings, but then there was the
Rae Carruth trial, the murder of Fred Lane, and it just seemed like Carolina was
heading nowhere. It's a testament to the coaches, the players, and also
the organization, which made a number of smart moves to get to this point, not
least of all drafting Julius Peppers out of UNC.

So we'll be keeping an eye on that situation and might just as well jump on
the bandwagon now: Go Panthers!

One other note - after a week of baiting by Philly writers, the Panthers shut
them up but good. We'll look forward to their eating crow.