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Shaun Livingston Update

From a reader in Quincy:

I am a long time reader (yes I will send money this year) and live in Quincy Illinois home of the Quincy High Blue Devils. Quincy has a long history of excellent basketball teams and a rabid fan base, they won the mythical national championship some years back and always have a good team. Shaun Livingston was in town last night and was quite impressive, the first time he touched the ball it was a little shake and back then a baseline jumper, the next time it was drive and scoop shot, the next time it was an alley oop dunk. The Quincy Blue Devils hung tough though and it was one possesion game until well into the 4th quarter.

A few general observations. Shaun is tall he is at least 6ft 6in and he may be growing he was the tallest person on the court. Being that tall he cannot dribble in traffic, he got himself in trouble doing that on several occassions. He elevates well and has a quick release, he is unstoppable on the short jumpers, uses the glass well. He passes well but it is strange in that his passes give the team a less good chance of scoring, there was no one who could stop his drives and pullups, he went for a very quiet 28 pts. Coach K caught some grief when he mentioned that Shaun may not be a point guard but play small forward. I would second that thought after watching him, even for this team he did not usually bring the ball up the court and the offense was initiated by the other guard as often as it was by Shaun. The players he reminds me most of is Jalen Rose and Rose has played #1,2,and 3 positions in the pros and currently is listed as a shooting guard, and Alex English the top NBA scorer in the 80s. The people who thought him coming to Duke was bad for Dockery could not be more wrong they have totally different games and they will compliment each other beautifully. His game is somewhat like Deng's though not as strong but a better dribbler and passer, both glide about the court are deceptively quick and very good at creating space for their offense.

At anyrate it was very entertaining to see this young man play and he will be great in a Duke uniform but will be more Grant Hill than Bobby Hurley.