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ACC Roundup

While UNC's huge
win over UConn i
s rightly being called the biggest win of the Roy Williams
era, more accurately, one could call it the biggest win of the post-Dean era and
the end of the transition period. Think about it. Guthridge was basically
a caretaker, and Doherty was basically treading water. Now, though, the
Heels have pulled off a really huge game, and one where they had injuries and
other limitations. It could be a breakout game for Rashad McCatns,
who came up huge at the end. And you have to be very impressed when the
fifth-place team n the ACC can knock off the #1 team in the U.S.A. Just
kidding.They are in fact in fifth place, but not likely to stay there right now.

Duke 4-0 14-1
NC State 3-1 10-3
Georgia Tech 2-1 14-2
Wake Forest 2-1 11-2
North Carolina 1-2 11-3
Maryland 1-2 10-4
Florida State 1-2 12-4
Clemson 1-3 8-7
Virginia 0-3 10-4

The Heels are back. They have some serious issues to overcome - depth,
injuries, and occasionally chemistry - but basically, they're back. And
it's good news for the conference, too. The ACC needs a strong UNC, just
as we need a strong Maryland in the D.C. market and a strong Tech in
Atlanta. The N.C. TV market isn't so huge, though it's not tiny by any
means, but UNC is a brand with enormous clout. So it's good for the entire
conference to see them recovered.

And speaking of recovered, the game McCants had should go a long way towards
rehabbing his reputation, but it'll go further if he builds on it.

In Raleigh, State
took the gloves off against Clemson
and played some inspired ball after Duke
whipped them the other night.

Maryland went down to Atlanta, and ran into a Tech buzz saw, comng out 81-71
Will Bynum erupted for 25 points for Tech,
and from all reports was a

We don't agree with mark Bradley, but we
wish someone would clip this and send it to FSU's president.