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Next Up - Wake Forest

| W-S | Fayetteville
| N-R

Is anyone not excited about playing Wake Forest?
We are seriously
pumped up for this game. Wake first of all, is doing things the right way,
and secondly, is doing them very well. They're hard-working and
relentless. Plus it's time to see just how good Chris Paul is.

The rookie is making an argument for All-ACC. He's electrifying to watch and
clearly understands the game on a deeper level than your average freshman (or
just about anyone in college, for that matter). One of the smaller but
great treats of this game will be watching Paul against Sean Dockery, since both
are capable of pretty incredible steals. Tora, tora, tora!

Another great matchup should be Shelden Williams vs. Eric
Williams. Shelden has really come on this season, but so has Eric,
who is one of our favorite ACC players. He's articulate, he's kind-hearted, and
the afro he braids adds about four or five inches to his height. He wins
the bull factor underneath, but Shelden has enough hops to not have to lean on
Eric to affect his shot.

Unless it's rammed through, that is.

Wake had significant trouble with Texas' big men, and they didn't exactly run
Clemson out of the gym, either. We're expecting a war down low, with nine
or ten fouls to go to various big men named Williams.

And the perimeter matchup should be equally scintillating. Wake throws out
Paul, Gray, and Downey, who will meet Chris Duhon, JJ Redick, s. Wake also has
superb depth, getting minutes from Vytas Danelius, Richard Joyce, Trent
Strickland, and Kyle Visser, who will become a reallly solid player.

Add in first-rate tacticians in Krzyzewski and Prosser, and you have a
potentially great game. Duke-Wake now always has the potential to be
superb. Let's hope for another great one!