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ACC Roundup

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Can we just say we're excited about both conference games tonight?
Well, Wake is out of conference, but
a Wake-Texas game
should be a major rumble. Go Deacs! And the
Clemson-FSU game has potential, too. We're really impressed with what's happened
at Clemson thus far. Oliver Purnell has done a tremendous job of getting
his kids to buy into his system. They're hanging around against tough
opponents, and pretty soon, they're going to knock a major team off. FSU
is not a major team yet, but the game should be pretty great.
Apparently Olu Babalola has annoyed Purnell
, and may or may not play against
FSU. You'll need to scroll down.

After a change in the rules was shot down by the NCAA,
the much ballyhooed ACC football title game will not begin until 2005,
B.C. will be in the ACC. Man are they in for a rude surprise. Actually, they're
probably lucky to avoid the round robin, because the other schools would dearly
love to give them a home-and-home schooling on the way the conference

According to our pals at Inside Carolina,
Jawad Williams broke his nose in the Tech game,
and a concussion has not
been ruled out.
He is listed as very doubtful for the Maryland game.

Now is it just us, or does this comment by ol' Roy Williams seem a tad
vulgar? "I'm not a doctor. I don't read the X-rays, but I got a
note that said, 'We think his nose has a small crack.' It is going to examined
later, but you know a lot of guys play with a broken nose."

Now get out there, Jawad, and do it!

His running mate, Rashad McCants, has taken a lot of heat, and the Barry
Srvluga of the Post has a
lengthy article up on the mystery man from Asheville.
We don't mean to
lump him prematurely with bad company, but...Rasheed! Rashard! Njaiye! Oh
my! Well, the old liions! and tigers! and bears! thing doesn't quite work,
but still. There are three guys with some serious image problems at the

Speaking of UNC, Marion
Jones is about ready to start racing again.

Down in Atlanta, the Yellow Jackets
are having some problems with cramps.
Pickle juice can fix that! No
joke - a lot of trainers are using pickle brine to fight cramps. Weird, huh?