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ACC Roundup (Sort Of)

Even a Duke fan
could find himself feeling sorry for Jawad Williams,
who has really taken a
beating lately: after getting a concussion against UNC-W, Williams caught a knee
in the face against Tech and left the game, and didn't return. No word yet on
whether his nose is broken, but
it doesn't sound good.
Maybe Sean May should save a foul and just
clock someone soon to get the point across.

We might add that we did not expect such a dominant win by either team in the
UNC-Tech game. UNC was superb and totally dominated a hot Georgia Tech
team. Tech will have a lot of questions after this one.

In the only other game of the day, Duke aside (and found elsewhere on this
site), State went down to Tallahassee and won on the road. State shot a
dismal 38%, but that beat FSU's pathetic 36%.