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ACC Roundup

Clemson gave Wake all they wanted and then some in their game Saturday, and
after two games, it looks safe to say this about the Tigers: they're not going
to give up. Oliver Purnell has them believing something, and for the
Tigers, that's great. If it doesn't pay off this year, it will soon.

If you stopped the season now, and picked All-ACC players, it wouldn't be
easy. You couldn't argue too much with Chris Paul, Chris Duhon, Sean May,
Raymond Felton, about half of Tech's team, and a few others to boot. But Jarret
Jack is having a year, too.

Today's most exciting game, outside of Duke's game for us, has to be UNC-Tech.
Georgia Tech has not won on the road much lately, but this team is different,
and it should be a great game. Things haven't gone exactly as a lot of
people around UNC thought they would - which is a coronation and a restoration
of the previous order. Ol' Roy Williams is an excellent coach, but
transitions are tough. Ask Paul Hewitt, who had a somewhat difficult time
getting Tech cranked up. Shoot, ask Matt Doherty.

If UNC loses, they'll fall to 0-2 in the conference, which is
disticntly UNC-ish. The worst news for UNC is that Tech just lost to
Georgia, so they'll be wired and hungry, more so than usual. Both teams
will be - which is why it should be great.

State plays Florida
State also
, with the chance to determine which cupcake loving team will be
the worst. For the Pack, it's a road game, so State will probably hit a
long offensive dry spell, play valiantly on defense, and lose. On the
other hand, they've had the 'Noles' number for a while, so who knows. It's a
different kind of a year so far.

Here's a thought: is Chris Paul the ACC's best point guard? Wait, let's
William F. Buckley that - resolved: Chris Paul is the ACC's best point
guard. Let's go one step further, just to be audacious: will he end up
Player Of The Year in the ACC - and Rookie of the Year? Just
food for thought. Okay, here's another: who would you rather have leading
your team: Chris Paul or Raymond Felton?

Anthony Solomon, who had we thought a really nice career at UVa, is cleaning
up the mess at St. Bonaventure. That's not an easy job, but we're pretty
sure he'll do just fine.