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ACC Roundup

Wake Forest 1-0 8-0
Florida State 1-0 12-1
NC State 1-0 6-2
Georgia Tech 0-0 12-0
Duke 0-0 9-1
Clemson 0-0 7-4
Virginia 0-1 8-1
North Carolina 0-1 8-1
Maryland 0-1 7-3
Boston College 9-2
Miami 9-3
Virginia Tech 7-4

Looks like the G-man stirred up a hornets nest when he criticized N.C.
State's success over the past few years and suggested that
State is not an elite program.
Al Featherston gets into this much more
than we can or will, so read this article, but we'd have to give State some
credit. They have an amazing tradition. True, they've fallen off in
recent years, but at least part of that is because they have committed
themselves to not taking shortcuts. We'd like to see them be a national
factor again, year in and year out. State fans are fun when they're not
mad all the time.

Herb Sendek
says he's not feeling pressure
- maybe he's in one of those airtight
compartments he talks about - but it's all around him. On the other hand,
AD Lee Fowler seems solidly in his corner, so we'll see.

Sean May and Jawad Williams are
still uncertain for Saturday's Kentucky rumble,
but if UNC tradition hold
still, they'll start and each score about 25 points. If they do play,
expect UNC to win. Kentucky is not playing well right now - the Louisville loss
was a given in our book, but
they just struggled mightily with Austin-Peay
. Carolina will run them
out of Lexington if they get a chance. After a mediocre first two years, Melvin
Scott is stepping up,
and he'll help, too.

We don't want to say
UVa's victory over Iowa State
is a surprise, but it sure is refreshing.
UVa forced a ton of turnovers
and though they trailed late, they outscored
Iowa State 28-10 down the stretch.
Much better, 'Hoos!

Former Georgia Tech coach George O' Leary
has suffered a heart attack
but is expected to fully recover. See
where all those years of eating at the Varsity get you? Just kidding - best of
luck to him in his recovery.

Former FSU point guard/QB Charlie
Ward is the subject of trade talks,
and may go to Portland in a deal for
Rasheed Wallace, who would then be able to offend everyone from the biggest
stage in basketball. Oh, joy. In another FSU-ish note, Von
Wafer is ACC Rookie Of The Week.

As we said the other day, we're impressed with what we've seen of Engin Atsur.
out we're not alone.

We usually stick to basketball in the Roundup, but this
story is too compelling and scary not to link.