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Your Favorite Devils!

Wow, we got a lot of responses to the request for favorite Devils.
We're going to break it down by players, so here are the first three: Dan
Meagher, David Henderson, and Chris Carrawell. Thanks everyone, and enjoy!

Dan Meagher (sp?

Not the most gifted of atheletes but played hard nosed tough basketball and
always gave 100% to the team.

Besides that, during my Brother's Freahman year at Duke I got to visit him and got to meet Dan. He was very cool to me and did not have to be , I was only like 14 and thought that Duke students would be intimidating and smug to such a youngster. I could not have been more wrong. And even though I did not attend Duke from that day on I was a Duke Blue Devil Fan! Thanks Dan!

...would have to be Dan Meagher-

Guy was tough- Improved every year- Personified the effort and tenacity that would characterize future Coach K led Devil squads.

And we graduated in the same class.

Mine is David Henderson. I remember shooting pool with him in the Bryan Center one night in the Fall of '83. He was a regular guy who worked his tail off and was a consummate team player.

Jack "Flash" Rogers

Class of '84

David Henderson----What a story! he drove the schoolbus For Warren County,First Warren County grad to come to Duke;Only got a scholarship because Curtis Hunter Went to UNC. Played with the superstars (Dawkins ,etc)and Maximized his Duke Experience in every way..Second nominee ---Nate James.

David Henderson

Texas - Final Four - interviewed on a patio with shorts and a cowboy hat - enough said.

Paul Pritchard

Duke '95

Chris Carrawell, because of his toughness, resiliency and outspokeness. He is the only Blue Devil in recent years who has been opinionated and unafraid to state publicly what he really believed. He overcame injuries and a battle for playing time to become ACC player of the year and the unquestioned leader of a top-ranked team. Carrawell worked extremely hard on defense, and would successfully guard anyone from Joe Forte to Tim Duncan. During his senior season, I recall him making game-winning plays on several occasions, particularly against Carolina. He was nowhere close
to being the most physically gifted Blue Devil, but was on the short list of the toughest.

My all-time favorite Blue Devil is Chris Carrawell. I enjoyed watching him progress from a role player during his first two seasons to a real star during his final two. You may recall that in 1998-99, when Duke was loaded with talent (Brand, Langdon, Avery, Battier), Coach K annointed Carrawell as the heart of the team, saying (in an article for Sports Illustrated), "Chris, this team will go as far as you take us." During his junior and senior years, it always seemed like Carrawell was able to make the tough shot, or the key basket, or to just somehow find a way to score when Duke needed it the most.

Having said all of this, the number one reason that Chris Carrawell is my all-time favorite Blue Devil is because of his attitude about Duke. Carrawell came from a tough background, and he recognized that he was extremely fortunate to have ended up at Duke. Every time he was on the floor you could just see the pride he took in wearing the Duke uniform, and the pure enjoyment he got out of playing basketball at Duke. He really took time to enjoy himself, and to allow those around him to enjoy themselves, whether they were playing, coaching, or watching. Chris Carrawell was fun to watch, but it was apparent to anyone who watched him that no spectator was having nearly as much fun as he was.

Not exactly older or lesser known, but definitely under-rated in my opinion is Chris Carrawell. He was the consumate roll player his first three years; he did everything from playing point to guarding Duncan to playing with injured shoulders. His senior year he carried a very young and not very deep team to an ACC crown and #1 ranking. The one game that really sticks out is the overtime win at Carolina where he took over at the end of the game. Everyone in the Dean Dome knew he was going to take the shots down the strecth but no one could stop him. Duke lost to eventual national runner up Florida in the tournament, but that year we really overacheived and it was mostly due to CC's will to win. Not the most talented player to put on a Duke uniform, but I think he is someone who got the absolute most out of his abilities and is very underrated as a leader. I just hope he finishes his degree (which I hear he is working on this summer) and that will earn him the top spot !
on my list.

Chris Carrawell, because he got the most out of his talent, improved year to year, and had some of the funniest quotes from a Duke player in a long time. I also appreciate that he came from a tough background and made the most of his opportunities. Honorable mention: D Henderson, R Brickey

Chris Carrawell and Nate James. In my mind, there were the biggest key to the "bridge" years. Think about it. The year after our miserable season with K out, Duke does a remarkable job to just make the 96 NCAA tourney. The season they were both freshmen, they, along with Mike Chappell, were counted on a lot and were a real key to adding talent and depth to that 23-7? team. Then when the "Big 4" came in 1997, neither Chris or Nate had a problem being just tough defenders or role players. Both got to shine eventually through hard work and patience. Chris was ACC POY in his senior year and was key in another "bridge" year when he helped to carry the 2000 team that had JWill, Dun and Boozer as freshmen. Nate was rewarded with a national championship. I think these two, as much as any of the stars, are responsible for Duke's success.
-Matt Poling

Martinsburg, WV