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Duke's official Website,, the second oldest Duke site on the Web
(behind this one), is remaking itself.
They'll now have a section called "Classic Duke," which will have old
newspaper articles and the like, the Newsstand, which will link to articles, and
more original content. The area where they can really have fun is history,
and having visited it for some research, we can tell you that the Duke archives
has a phenomenal collection. We would urge them to do a lot with Duke's glory
years in football, since that era is unknown to a lot of fans.

The new design looks great, but the font is pretty small. Maybe it
could be bigger? Otherwise, great job!

One other note - in the classic section, there needs to be an awareness that
the two original Durham papers, before they merged, were the Durham Morning
Herald and the Durham Sun, not the Herald-Sun, which was the post-merger name.