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Dukies Invited To Play In Stackhouse's Charity Game

Here's a devilish dilemma, no pun intended: Jerry Stackhouse and UNC have put
an ACC alumni game with a number of Duke players
, including Elton Brand,
Grant Hill, Mike Dunleavy, Ricky Price, and Corey Maggette. Other ACC greats, including Tim Duncan and Juan Dixon are also invited. The game will be in the Dean Dome, and it's for charity (Stackhouse's cause is diabetes, which has ravaged his family), so that's cool, but like a lot of Duke fans, we kind of get a shudder reading this. Ooooh, there it goes again!

But jokes aside, the Stackhouses have suffered mightily from diabetes, as have a lot of people. Here's hoping they sell the Dean Dome out.