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Women's Pan Am Team Into the Medal Round!

After a disheartening opening loss to a surprisingly strong Cuban team,
the US has bounced back with three straight wins to guarantee a spot in
the medal round. The big win was an upset over Brazil, an experienced team that featured several former
WNBA players. Our Iciss Tillis only played a bit part in this win after sparking
the US against Canada, with 2 points, 2 rebounds and a steal in four
minutes of play. The difference in this game was three point shooting,
with the US lighting the Brazilians up to the tune of 10-16 from the
stripe. The
Argentina game saw the US pound it inside and control the
boards in yet another physical contest. This time around, Iciss got nine minutes of playing time, with an efficient
9 points and 3 rebounds. The US broke open a close game with a 30-13
margin in the third quarter. Tomorrow's game will be against struggling
host Dominican Republic, but hopefully this team won't take them for
granted. The medal round will consist of Cuba, Brazil, the US and quite
possibly any one of the other three teams, depending on the rest of
today's and tomorrow's outcomes.