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More On Missouri

At Missouri, there is a bit of a cloud with the Ricky Clemons situation. To
recap: first he was jailed for assaulting his girlfriend, then he had an ATV
accident at the President's house when he was out of the jail for the day (he
had to return by a certain time in the evening), and he's accused of cheating to
get through his JUCO.
Then in a deposition, Quin Snyder acknowledged
giving him some sweatpants, sneakers, and flip-flops that he said he was going
to get rid of anyway. Finally, assistant Lane Odom was accused (by Clemons'
girlfriend) of giving Clemons money. Snyder and Odom both denied the

the NCAA is investigating,
as they should, and let the chips fall where they
may. We will say this about Lane Odom. We don't know him personally, but
he is Dave Odom's son. The senior Odom is not our favorite coach, as you
may have noticed, but whatever anyone can say about his coaching, no one has
questioned his honesty. He is the only coach we can think of who, as a
policy, refused to go through AAU people to get recruits. He made a
decision about what he thought was right and stuck to it. We don't know if
Lane is like his dad in that respect, but if he learned his father's lessons,
we'd be shocked if he did give Clemons money.