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A Possible ACC Darkhorse?

It's a bit early to go heavily into a season preview, but we're very
intrigued by one ACC team. Duke? Well, yeah, obviously. Maryland? No. UNC?
No. Wake? No. FSU? Yeah. Really? Yeah.

A lot depends on how people pan out, of course, meaning recruits, but look at
the roster: FSU has a solid backcourt, with Tim Pickett, Todd Galloway,
and freshman Von Wafer. Michael Joiner and Anthony Richardson have held
their own at the wings, and the 'Noles have a pretty good JUCO center coming in,
6-10, 240 Diego Rivera.

They also have Adam Waleskowski back, and Mike Mathews
graduated in summer school, which means he regains a year of eligibility, which
gives them two more big bodies to put up front.

We don't know how 6-8 Antonio Griffin, another JUCO
will pan out, but they have a pretty solid 8-man rotation, with a lot more speed
than the ACC is used to seeing in Tallahassee. They should be fun to

And Kentucky refugees Rashad Carruth and Jason Parker
are at nearby Chipola JC and may well end up in Tallahassee next fall as well.