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Potentially Huge Expansion News

The premise of
this article was so enticing
that we registered for a paper we'll probably
never read again just to see what this guy had to say. Here's the relative
info from a substantially longer article:

"The Big East wants Louisville, but the Cardinals are waiting to see if
they get a better offer. Like from the Atlantic Coast Conference. Sources say
that Notre Dame is leaning toward becoming the ACC's 12th member. But if the
Irish decline, South Carolina, Boston College and, yes, Louisville are options.

"And what if the Big 12 kicks out controversy-ridden Baylor? And what if
Arkansas leaves the SEC to take Baylor's place? Who do you suppose the SEC would
bring in to fill the vacancy? Probably Louisville....So, Louisville is not a
lock for the Big East. Neither is Cincinnati...Sources say that Big East
basketball members want no part of the Bearcats and their controversial program."

Wow. If Notre Dame comes in, that would be huge. Frankly, though, in a sea
change, we'd almost prefer South Carolina, because, well, because you can
actually get to the Atlantic Coast from there, and that should be a prerequisite
for joining the conference.