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Gold For The Women's World Championship Team!

The US Young Women's World Championship team will be bringing back Gold
medals from Croatia, after beating Brazil
in a rematch of an earlier game. No one beats the Alana Beard Payback
Curse--she always beats teams in rematches after having lost to them
earlier. Beard was a big part of the win, scoring 12 points on 4-6
shooting (including a three), grabbing 6 boards and picking up a couple of
steals. After getting the Bronze in this event two years ago, Beard was
determined to come home with the Gold this time. Beard was named to the
All-Tournament team while LSU's Seimone Augustus was named MVP of the
tournament. Congratulations to the whole team and coaching staff for
turning it around after their loss, and beating three tough teams
(Australia, France and Brazil) to win the World Championship.
Meanwhile, Jess Foley's Australian team took home fifth
place after losing to the US in the quarterfinals, but Jess unfortunately
didn't get to play much. Still, the experience has to help, considering
that she played against so many different kinds of teams in Australia's
world tour.