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Don't Trey For Me, Argentina - U.S. Struggles, Wins

U.S. struggled mightily with Argentina,
as the South American squad did what
international squads often do to the U.S. - cut off the outside game, play a
solid, fundamental game, and hit free throws. We didn't see the game, and
we haven't seen the box score, but we'd bet they did pretty well from outside.

Jermaine O' Neal reveals his youth, though, when he says "I think the
world is really seeing the first international rivalry." First, he
missed the very intense U.S. U.S.S.R. rivalry, and second, it's not like the
Yugoslavs and the Baltic states were crazy about Russia.

Nonetheless, notice has been served, as if it needed to be: talent is not
enough. The best talent is in the U.S. and may always be, but this sport
is about teammwork and precision, and that can overcome a talent gap anytime.