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Baylor News - New Coach, Lawsuit

Valparaiso, scheduled to visit Cameron this fall, won't
be bringing coach Scott Drew with them:
he's going to be the guy who tries
to make sense out of Baylor. It's not an easy job, so best of luck to him.

In a bit of an unusual move, his dad is taking over at Valaparaiso: Homer
Drew, architect of one of the greatest last-second plays in tournament history,
will be returning to the Valpo bench.

Valparaiso is a great job, in a great basketball state, but for all the
problems, Baylor is a step up. It won't be easy, but we admire his
confidence. He may need it: Baylor players have been given a
free pass to transfer and play immediately.
Hey Herb Sendek!
John Lucas III is out there! Get busy!

Needless to say, by the way,
the Dennehy family is suing,
as well they should.