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Keith Jenifer Update & Some Comic Notes

We checked this link out because it said that Keith Jenifer, late of
Virginia, has
landed at Murray State,
so good luck to him there. But we were amazed
at some of the other high and low comedy within: parents of a Memphis
recruit say John Calipari abused their son, telling him two days before school
started that he was not really welcome. A Marquettte transfer from Rice
says he "hated the University," and that athletes were looked down on
there. He decided to try a "bigger basketball school."
Wait until he finds out that academics at Catholic schools are pretty

Speaking of academics, did you read about Jamar Butler, who bailed on
Cincinnati the other day? He opted for Ohio State, saying "I felt like I had a better chance of getting my degree at Ohio State. It was like Cincinnati was all basketball. At Ohio State, it's academics and basketball."


Former FSU AD Bob "fix my roof" Goins cleverly responded,
saying "The graduation rate now is pretty doggone good. I think for that kid to take a shot like that, that's character assassination that I don't think is fair. I think that's wrong. ... We've got kids getting their degrees."