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New Virus

From time to time, we feel obligated to make sure you know about serious virus or security problems on the net. This is for two reasons: first, so that the word gets out, and secondly, because we want our readers to be able to get here with no problems. The other day we told you about a serious security issue; today, we're telling you about a very dangerous problem affecting Windows machiens using a few versions of Outlook. Even if this doesn't affect you (we use Eudora, thank God), we strongly urge you to regularly go to Microsoft's Windows update site to check for patches or security fixes. Make sure to get this one - it's got the potential to be quite nasty.

There is a new virus (actually a worm) infesting Windows machines. James has received 70 attempts at infection in the last 12 hours, so it is fairly widespread. Here are details of the virus, how you check to see if you have it, and how you fix it. We strongly urge you to run virus checking software at all times (particularly when it is a mail worm and we're going to get mailbombed by it!)