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Schea Cotton Update!

Remember Schea Cotton? For a brief time, he was the shining star in
recruiting land, chased by everyone. If we remember correctly, he had a very
brief connection with Herb Sendek's Wolfpack, but that didn't work out. We
forget the details.

here's what's happened to him since then:
he's bounced around, had an
invitation for summer ball from the Heat only to watch a guy drop dead on the
court, after which the Heat canceled the summer season. There's
more. Fortunately, his parents seem to have their heads on reasonably
well, good hard working people, and while Schea has not made it to the bigs, he
has made enough money to buy his folks a house (along with his brother,
James). It's too bad he didn't make it, but it's refreshing to see a guy
who has his head on straight and who is careful with his money.