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More On Wetherell

We've kind of gotten a slowly increasing awareness of FSU's president T.K.
Wetherell, and it's been obvious for some time that he's a huge booster of the
football team. Quick greatest hits:

  • immediately after the expansion vote, urged ACC to pursue Notre Dame.
  • This was only a couple of weeks after he declared the athletic department
    out of control and reorganized it to presumably make it subordinate to the
    University. Football schools!
  • Now, as you may have read, he is getting heat for his involvement in a
    sexual assault investigation involving a football player.

In the most recent situation, Wetherell defends himself, saying that he
involved himself only at the request of "the parents of the player and
complainant," according to the Miami Herald. The prosecutor calls his
actions ''bizarre'' and "outrageous" and says they may have affected
the prosecution of the case.

No one is all bad, with the possible expections of Hitler, Stalin, and maybe
Dave Bliss, the bastard,
so we give you this account of Wetherell helping
out another FSU football player in trouble.
This is where we learned,
for the first time, that Wetherell himself played at FSU and despite getting
kicked out of school twice for academics, never missed a game. Nice to
know things don't change much in Tallahassee.

Great quotes from this article:

  • "I was to basic studies what Darnell was to shopping sprees.''
  • "Anybody who has pissed off Spurrier is my friend.''
  • "Son, have you lost your damn mind?"