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Kiss Bliss Goodbye

We missed this Friday, but an assistant taped
Dave Bliss plotting some very ugly things,
among them trying to portray the
deceased Patrick Dennehy as a drug dealer.

Bliss basically admits it. The president of Baylor is understandably
furious, and so you can pretty safely assume from this latest twist in the
Baylor mess that Bliss's career is finished. Not only is his career
finished, but there's a chance he could face legal charges, and if Dennehy's
family wanted to sue him, there's not a jury in America that wouldn't give them
everything he owns.

We've heard some disgusting things in college basketball over the years, some
public, some not, but we can't think of anything uglier than this.
Assuming that all this is true, Dave Bliss should be barred by the NCAA from
ever coaching again. This is just depraved stuff.