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We've heard of sour grapes and making excuses before, but this is unbelievable! Just scroll on this PDF file to pages 9 and 10: UNC states "with" and "without Sean May."

Anyway, to honor this, we at DBR are pleased to present the Duke partial season record after our last major injury:

Category Result
Record: 10-0
Record vs Maryland: 2-0
Record vs North Carolina: 2-0
ACC Tournament: 3-0, ACC Champions
NCAA East Regional: 4-0, East Regional Champions
NCAA Tournament in full: 6-0, NCAA Champions1

Duke's record after Carlos Boozer was injured

On the one hand, one can whine about an injury. On the other hand, one can go out there, with a new resolve, and raise your game.

1It should be noted that Carlos Boozer was back for the Final Four, and made vital contributions. Duke's record should also not be used to dimish the contributions of Carlos Boozer in any way, as he was just as vital to the success of the team before the injury.

Credit should be given to Highlander, who first posted a variant of this table on our BBS.