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Doyel Rips Expansion

Gregg Doyel has
a pretty good slam of ACC expansion posted,
arguing that the ACC has taken
in two of the worst basketball programs on the East Coast. We agree with
him there, even though Miami has had some success lately. Virginia Tech
has the potential to do something in basketball, they've just never done it
before. You think they're wishing expansion had happened before they hired Seth
Greenberg? No knock on him, but as an ACC school, they could have done better.

The challenge for the league now is to get the four bozo schools up to
snuff. Florida State is almost there - we'll go out on a limb and say it
will only be matter of time before they match their natural rival, Florida, on
the hardwood. Clemson made a smart hire in Oliver Purnell, and we expect
him to do well.

Seth Greenberg? Perry Clark? Can they do it? If not, here's
hoping both schools want to play both revenue sports at a high level.