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More Of Your Favorite Devils!

Today's list is mostly of guys who got one or two supporters, with the addition of one proud parent at the top of the list. We're really enjoying this; it's bringing back some great memories!

Carlos Boozer Jr. is my favorite Devil of all time because I am his Dad. I love Duke and look at all the games they play. I also know that Carlos' time with Duke helped him to become one of the best players with the Cavs. So as a Dad Carlos is my very favorite Devil......Carlos Sr.

Carlos Boozer - my wife works for the activities/athletic office at Juneau - Douglas High School. We live across the street from the high school gym and have been following Carlos since he was 13. The high school coach is my neighbor. We are friends with Renee and Carlos Sr. Los, his brother and sisters are great kids.

Andy Borman and Ala Abdalnaby are favorites too. My wife really likes Dahnty Jones.


Also, after a chance sighting of Matt Christensen in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, I reminded of what a warrior of player the man was.



Vince Taylor - underated player from the "bad" ol' days
Jim Suddath - Just liked him for some reason
Weldon Williams - good guy and good student, if I remember correctly.

No question my favorite Blue Devil was Kenny Dennard. Every single game he went out and played like a dump truck with finesse. He didn't think twice about crashing the floor, other players, or fans, yet he had handled the ball great skill. He helped motivate the crowd and other players. He had true heart for the game.

Although it was a fallow time for Duke basketball, I'd put in a good word for the early 70's memory of watching Tate Armstrong raining in jumpers during Bill Foster's first season and Bob Fleischer corralling rebounds. A little before that there was Gary Melchionni running the floor so smooth. They may not have any rings to show for their efforts but they kept the spirit of Duke basketball alive when Dean was the reigning coach and Sormin' Norman and Lefty were the main pretenders.

Thanks for sparking the recollection.


I loved Taymon Domzalski. I think he was underutilized. Also, the team with him and Wojo on it was a point of particular pride among the Polish-American community (in my house, at least). We'd hoot and holler everytime Wojo and "Dombo" were in the game at the same time. 8-)

Len Olszewski
Cary, NC

Wow, what a tough call. I felt a duty to go back to "my" era, and choose a player who stood tall for Duke when times were tough, who gave the fans someone to cheer for, who was genuinely decent on and off the court, who had his one great moment that we all dream of...


Bruce Bell!!!

Without a doubt it was Gene Banks. I loved his game. He could do it all and he was smooth as silk. He was also a very team oriented player. When paired with Kenny Dennard, he provided alot of entertainment. Their friendship spilled over onto the court and created some great moments.

Gene Banks was probably my favorite. His freshman year (the year we lost to Kentucky in the finals) was the year I was old enough to really follow Duke basketball, and I followed his career (and even attending his last game at Cameron, an NIT win in which he broke his hand). While I also loved Johnny Dawkins, I still have to tip my hat to Gene.

Marty Clark, because Marty doesn't foul!!!!

Tony Barone, now a scout with an NBA team. Tony was a short, stocky guard back in the early to mid 60's who was all heart and energy, often battling for rebounds against bigger plyers,usually boxing them out of the way for Mike Lewis, Vacendak or Marin. Much like was said of Marty Clark later, he's a guy you'd pick to go down a dark alley with.

Jim Suddath:
He was a classmate and very approachable. He was active on campus (e.g. FCA), and just a nice guy. No ego, despite playing a solid (outside shooter) role on the early K teams.


My favorite Devil was Kevin Strickland. My father was his high school coach and he was just a fantastic guy as well as being an underappreciated player. Because of Kevin we got to know Coach K and the staff well and travelled with the team from Mt. Airy to two Final Fours.