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Why The SEC Might Be Nervous

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In the post-expansion world, it kind of went over our head briefly about
the ACC possibly scoping out an SEC school
(South Carolina, UK, and Florida
get the most attention in this scenario), but of course it scares the crap out
of the SEC because then they'd be down to 11 and no longer eligible for the
football championship game. On top of it all, there's no exit fee.

Come to think of it, not that we're big on going to 12, but the ACC should
politely mention to the SEC that they might go to 12, and they might
be looking at SEC schools, but if they got support for altering the rule,
they wouldn't' really need to go to 12, now would they?

The link above is pretty funny, as the writer is arguing that SEC basketball
is meaningful outside of Kentucky. With Florida no longer so hot, Georgia in hot
water, and Arkansas rebuilding, who is left to worry about? Auburn? With Cliff
Ellis? Alabama? Maybe someday. Ole Miss? Please. Mississippi State? Dave Odom's
South Carolina? LSU? Vandy? Tennessee? Possibly. But they have an ACC guy
there. Don't tell anyone...