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DBR Fantasy Football League Forming

Genedoc is forming a Fantasy Football League. Here is his description:

I am looking for a few fellow sports fans to join me in a DBR Fantasy Football L
eague. I expect the league will be slightly more competative than "casual", but
not so competative than the spirit of the game is violated. I'll be setting up t
he league shortly using one of the available on-line league managers, and we'll
be doing a live on-line draft at some point between now and the beginning of the
NFL season. We already have 5 participants (all active DBR SBBS participants),
and we can accomodate as many as 14. I will wait to set the exact parameters of
the league until we see how many people are interested.

The ideal league participant will be a college hoops and NFL fan (obviously) tha
t has participated in fantasy sports previously and will be an active league mem
ber. Non-Duke fans are of course welcome, but will be forced to play without a q
uarterback. Send me an email if you are interested in joining or if you have any
questions. Thanks!