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Bob Harris - Voice of the Blue Devils

Earlier this week, we received some news that was both sad, and elating. Last week, Bob Harris, the Voice of the Blue Devils, was admitted to the Duke Emergency Room with symptoms that suggested a heart problem. He was given a battery of tests, all of which looked normal. In the past, he'd have been discharged at that point, but Bob's regular physician felt strongly that there was a problem, so Bob became a candidate for a study of patients fitting these symptoms. He was given a new stress test with chemicals and an MRI, and it was discovered that he had a 95% blockage of a main artery.

This resulted in surgery to insert a stent. Bob is now at home, convalescing (and undoubtedly looking forward to the upcoming football and basketball seasons!) He is doing very well.

We're going to collect your good wishes and forward them to Bob in a few days. (Link for email corrected.)