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Big Marty Gets A Plug!

From the mailbag!
Thanks guys for the tip on Marty Nessley's new restaurant. Mrs. L and I went to the Sunset Grille last evening and had a great time. We wouldn't have known about the place except for DBR. The description "upscale sports bar and grill" fits well. Nice location in Sutton Station, convenient to I-40. Corner space, well appointed with windows galore and plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. The TVs were on (CNN) but no volume to spoil the mood, so we only heard music and the chatter of the many guests. Good food (try the Jack Daniels filet minon with curly fries), electric atmosphere, and perfect service from Hunter our waiter! Marty's got himself a winner, and he and Dave are truly hands-on owners -- they were both hustling all over the place to make sure everybody was taken care of. We will definitely be visiting Sunset Grille again soon!