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Good News From The Front

No matter how you feel about the war and the various issues surrounding it,
the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein have to be good news. These guys were
really, really bad characters.

By now most everyone has heard the stories - the women snatched off the
street, returned later, if at all, raped and devastated. Their husbands or
fathers killed. The Olympians tormented for not winning gold. The
brothers personally engaging in torture and mutilation. Some
of the stories are so disgusting and vile that they're almost impossible to
believe. Nonetheless, they are almost all certainly true.

In Baghdad, the news was greeted with spontaneous celebrations, and who can
blame them for celebrating? The two were among the worst people to ever be
close to power anywhere, and the once-inevitable thought of their assuming
broader powers must have been dreadfully depressing. Iraq clearly has a long way
to go, but it must be a happy night there for many.