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Natasha Humphrey Interview

Humphrey (6'3'', rising senior, Gainesville, GA)

Johnny Goldfinger: Yesterday, you said it was down to
three schools: Duke, Tennessee, and Georgia. Do you have a leader
right now?

Natasha Humphrey: No
not currently.

Are you going to take your official visits?

I'm not sure; I might commit earlier.

What are you looking for in a school?

A great educational program, where
academics are really strong. I want the basketball program to be
real good too.

How has the recruiting process been for you?

It's been pretty good, stressful at
times. But I think I've handled it well. I've had a lot of support
from people around my community and my family.

Is there anything you've particularly enjoyed about it?

Talking with the coaches on a
one-on-one basis. Letting them get to know me and me getting to know

Yesterday, we talked a little about your game and you mentioned
Charles Barkley. Are there any other particular players you admire
in terms of their game?

Men I admire include Tracy McGrady. I
like how he does a lot of things, not only for himself, but also for
his teammates. I love watching Alana Beard and Diana Tarausi play.
I just think they're awesome players.

What positions do you see yourself playing?

I can see myself playing the 3 or 4,
depending on the match-up I have. If I'm [bigger], then I play
inside. If the person is bigger than me and not as quick as I am,
then I take them outside.