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Natasha Humphrey Interview

Natasha Humphrey
(6'3'', rising senior)

Johnny Goldfinger: What
is your list of schools?

Tasha Humphrey: Duke,
Tennessee, and Georgia recently came back into the picture.

Johnny Goldfinger: Have
you taken unofficial visits to these campuses?

Tasha Humphrey: Yeah,
I've been to all three.

Johnny Goldfinger: What
were your impressions?

Tasha Humphrey: Duke has
a beautiful campus. The coaching staff and the players are great.
The surrounding support they have from the alumni to the students
that attend is great. Tennessee has always had that strong fan base.
The coaches are so well respected and all players are looked highly
upon in the community. And Georgia is close to home for me. It
would only be a 45 minute drive. They're real supportive of me just
because I'm from Georgia and if I were to go to Georgia I'd have that
extra support.

Johnny Goldfinger: Have
you thought about what you want to study in school?

Tasha Humphrey: I know I
want to major in pre-med and become an anesthesiologist.

Johnny Goldfinger: Do
you have future plans for basketball, like the WNBA?

Tasha Humphrey: I am,
but I want to get a steady job, to fall back on. I know I won't be
able to play basketball the rest of my life. That's why education
is so important to me.

Johnny Goldfinger: What
have you thought about the leadership development things they're
doing here?

Tasha Humphrey: There
really good. All the players here, including myself, we're leaders
whether we want to accept that fact or not; we are [leaders] because
of our basketball skills. Everything we do or say is looked upon by
somebody and these classes help you know what to look out for, what
to say, and what not to do in order to keep a good image of yourself.

Johnny Goldfinger: Your
name has been linked to Alexis Hornbuckle and Candace Parker. Have
you guys discussed going to the same school together?

Tasha Humphrey: Not
recently. It would be great if we all three went together. We could
start something or be a part of something special. If we were not to
go to the same college, I wouldn't hold anything against them.
They're still going to be my friends. When I look at those two, I
don't see them on a basketball level; I'm looking at them from a
personal and a friends standpoint. Those two are two of my closest
friends. I know if I needed them, they'd be there for me and, vice
versa, I'd be there for them also.

Johnny Goldfinger: How
would you describe your game?

Tasha Humphrey: I think
I'm kind of like a female Charles Barkley. He has strength, he as a
power game. But then he has that real finesse game. So I try to
model myself after him.

Johnny Goldfinger: But
you don't mind being a role model?

Tasha Humphrey: [Laughs]
Being a role model, I think it's a really good privilege. It's
really special to me. I take it real seriously. I've been blessed
with the opportunity to go out and make my choice about what college
I want to go to. I know people who don't get to make that decision.
They have to wait for the college to choose them. I think, if you've
worked hard for everything you gotten so far, then why not be a role
model? Why not have someone want to be just like you?

Johnny Goldfinger: Have
you been to this camp before?

Tasha Humphrey: This is
my third year.

Johnny Goldfinger: Has
it changed over the years?

Tasha Humphrey: No it's
still good; I mean there's a lot of good talent here.