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Tulyah Gaines Interview

Tulyah Gaines (5'7'',
rising senior)

Johnny Goldfinger: What
does your list look like?

Tulyah Gaines: Notre
Dame, Duke, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, NC State, and New Mexico.

Johnny Goldfinger: Are
you leaning anyway?

Tulyah Gaines: No.

Johnny Goldfinger: What
are you thinking about studying?

Tulyah Gaines: Probably
communications, video production, or something like that. Mainly [I
want to do something] like TV production.

Johnny Goldfinger: How
would you describe your game?

Tulyah Gaines: I'm
Quick, a good defender, versatile; I just get the ball around to
everyone as much as possible.

Johnny Goldfinger: Have
you been to this camp before?

Tulyah Gaines: No this
is my first time.

Johnny Goldfinger: How
have you liked it so far?

Tulyah Gaines: It's
pretty cool. Being around the best of the best is an awesome
opportunity. I'm having fun so far.

Johnny Goldfinger: How
about the leadership development program they have here?

Tulyah Gaines: Yeah,
there're a lot of them. It's pretty cool. They're teaching us a lot
of stuff and I'm learning. And it's pretty fun too. They make it
where you're having fun learning. I like it.