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Report from Shane's Wedding!

Our good friend Tom Drew attended Shane's wedding his past weekend and provided us with the following report. Thanks, Tom!

For the eternal Duke fan, it was a glorious three days (no one seems to have a one-day wedding anymore). You had to get your Duke basketball fix, however, through osmosis. Shand and his lovely bride, Heidi (her grandfather was Michigan's play-by-play announcer for over 30 years), were showered with loe, respect, and admiration rather than great athletic reminisces or references. Actually, more was said about Heidi's field hockey career. For a former college player of the year, first round pick, and all-rookie team member, it was remarkable how little basketball was mentioned. It showed what kind of person Shane is, which we all knew.

There were some Duke moments, however, like: J. D. Simpson making certain the groom and everyone had a festive rehersal celebration, as any best man would do; Coach K expressing optimism while updating everyone on Jay (nee Jason) Williams; Calvin Hill saying that he planned to ride Shane's coattails into the White House; Trajan Langdon looking fitter than ever, explaining how he had enjoyed being the starting shooting guard on the European Cup runner-up Benneton and Coach K asking Trajan if had grown; and Mike Dunleavy (who clearly has grown) explaining that he'd red-eyed in from L. A. after scoring 25 and losing to Dahntay Jones' summer league team.

The crowning moment, however, may have been the wedding reception dance floor where Shane and Mike D. proved that playing in the NBA doesn't necessarily improve your ability to dance.