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Beard, Foley & Tillis In International Play!

Alana Beard is competing for the USA's Young Women's World Championship team. Before the team heads off to
Croatia on July 25th, the team is playing a series of "friendlies"
against some top teams. The first game was against Brazil, a traditional power in international women's
hoops. The US, behind Alana's 17 points, won without much difficulty. Of
note: Alana nailed 2 of her 3 three point attempts--and that was from
international range. This could bode well for her senior year. Next up
is a game with Australia, a team that includes Duke's own Jess Foley. Jess hasn't played a lot for
her team ("The Sapphires"), but the experience she's gaining will be
significant for her down the road, both for Duke and the Australian team.
Meanwhile, Iciss Tillis and her Pan-Am Games team will play against the World Championship
team on Friday the 18th, against the Australians on Saturday and the
Brazillians on Sunday. The WC team will play the Brazillians again on the
19th and the Australians again on the 20th. All of the games are being
played in Boston, but unfortunately aren't open to the public.