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A Plug For A Nice Triangle Site

If you live in the Triangle, you probably know that downtown Raleigh is
undergoing something of a renaissance, with cool restaurants, clubs, and bars
opening up, and also some hip new housing options. Some of the folks responsible
for this have put together a
really useful Web site about downtown Raleigh
which lists the various
businesses and has some really useful features, including one of the cooler
online maps we've seen lately. They've only gotten about 60 hits a day, so
we offered to help them get their name out there a bit. Won't you bang the link
a bit today? They're good people, and it would make their day. Just briefly, our
recommended places:

  • Duck and Dumpling. Run by a Vietnamese refugee and really good guy, this
    restaurant used to be in Cameron Village. If you happen to ring up an
    order for $19.68, you might get a commentary on the Tet offensive
  • Cody's Chinese Bistro. This guy is a master. You can talk to
    him about doing gourmet Chinese food - not stuff on the menu - and
    it'll freak you out. He's a masterful chef.
  • Tir Na Nog. A great Irish-oriented bar.
  • Cooper's BBQ. It's up there with the great ones in North
    Carolina. The decor is ancient and creaky and great. No
    pretensions! Plus you can listen in on fat cats scamming the
  • Greenshields: a great bar.
  • Northern Star Deli. We went a few times several years ago, and the
    guy still remembers us.