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Charles Boozer Interview!

Our pal Starter hooked up with Charles Boozer at ABCD and got this interview which he let us cross-publish. It's also on his site, , along with a ton of other great stuff.

As I was perusing the list of players shortly after getting to the ABCD camp, I
noticed Charles Boozer’s name, and when I saw that he was from Raleigh, I knew
it had to be former Blue Devil Carlos Boozer’s little brother. I got to talk
to Charles, and then his father, who’s always been a class act.

SportsAngle: How does
it feel to be here so early, going into your sophomore year?

Boozer: Well, it feels fantastic to be here against the best players in the
country, and I’m just happy to be here.

SA: How do you feel out

feel like I’m having a great time, and everyone I’m playing against is good,
and I’m looking to compete and get better.

SA: You’re about 6-2
right now… you know how much you’re going to grow?

No, I have no idea.

SA: But it probably
helps you because you’re developing skills as a guard?


SA: How do you feel about
that 3-point shot? I saw you put a few up there.

just think that it’s a little off right now, but it’ll be back on later on.

SA: You get to any of your
brother’s games this year?

CB: No, I
didn’t get to any of them.

SA: Any last comments about
the camp or anything?

think it’s a great camp to come to and it’s a lot of fun. There are a lot of
coaches here to see good players play, and it’s definitely the best camp.

SA: So you’re coming back
in future years?

CB: Yeah.

SA: I know it’s early, but
any colleges you’re thinking of right now?

CB: No.

SportsAngle: How do you feel
about Carlos’ first year in Cleveland, how his role on the team worked out and

Boozer, Sr.: Yeah, he loves Cleveland, and he did very well with Cleveland. He
likes the fact that they signed Paul (Silas). He’s happy that LeBron James is
now on the team, and you know, we’ll wait and see how things turn out. Maybe
we’ll make the Playoffs. (laughs)

SA: Hopefully with LeBron,
it’s going to be more sooner than later! How does he feel about the fact that
he definitely should have been a first round pick? He went second round, but he
clearly outplayed most of the post players in the first round.

CB: You
know, he feels like he should have been a first round pick, and the stats show
what he could have done if he had been a first round pick, and he did it without
being one. I think he feels happy about how the situation is right now. Going in
the second round made him hungry to be better than most of the first round draft
picks, and now it’s just a matter of getting through these years and hopefully
they’ll sign him to a multi-year contract.

SA: I guess he feels like he
probably owes Cleveland, because they took a chance on him and brought him in.

CB: Yeah.

SA: Because I would have
loved to see him on the Knicks. We just drafted Mike Sweetney, who I KNOW is not
as good as Carlos.

(laughs) But the fans in Cleveland have taken to him very well, and he goes to
all kinds of events and signs autographs. I think he’s very happy in Cleveland