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As The Expansion Turns

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Latest expansion digest: most people think that the lawsuit has no
chance of succeeding. According to USAToday, University of Massachusetts
sports law professor Glenn M. Wong says the Big East schools will have an
"uphill battle to be successful." However, there still may be

"I point to the contract and the obligations,"
Wong told the newspaper. "The defense would say in this case ... that
they met their contractual obligations. There is a set fee established for
damages...This request for profits being deprived, and lack of future Bowl
Championship Series revenues, that has been anticipated in terms of establishing
the withdrawal fee."

However, it may not matter. Duke law professor Paul Haagen told the
Washington Post that "I think most people believe the immediate impact is
very slight on these institutions. But the immediate impact on the Big East is
very considerable, and I know people in our university and central
administration are concerned about the collegiality of the action."

And UNC's Chancellor Moeser, in a letter to the other ACC presidents,
said that he has "concerns about expansion's impact on student-athletes,
projected financial figures and cultural issues of inviting three new
members," according to the Post.

High noon is now scheduled for Tuesday. If Swofford has the votes, the
invitations go out. If not, there will be no vote on Tuesday.

If this blows up and expansion is still an interest, why not go ahead and
taunt the Big East and invite Virginia Tech - even though they'd have a hard
time after the lawsuit? And as far as we're concerned, let the Gamecocks
come back, and invite Louisville. Whatever. It's turned into a big circus
whatever happens. The only good news is that John Swofford is a pretty
smart guy and he's going to do his absolute best to make things work.