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D-Day For The 'Canes - An ACC Lean?

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While there's nothing concrete yet about Miami's intentions, Al Featherston
of the Durham Herald-Sun tells us that "[t]he Miami Herald reported Sunday night that one prominent Miami administrator, two athletics department employees and two trustees said
they expect the Hurricanes to accept the ACC invitation. The paper, however, also reported that three high-ranking Miami officials said school president Donna Shalala had not informed them of a decision."
Here's a link to that article. The Orlando Sentinel is
reporting that Miami is "leaning" towards the ACC, but that it's not
decided yet. And a UVa site says that "...sources
are reporting that Miami will accept an offer to enter the ACC at a joint press
conference with Virginia Tech
on Monday." The writer also has
this most interesting passage about Notre Dame:

"Behind the scenes with the ACC, another attempt took place to bring Notre Dame into the picture. The Fighting Irish recently finished a remarkable season in the eyes of the national press. And the football team, forever independent of conference affiliation, would entice television deals. The Irish would enter the ACC on a full-term basis in basketball and non-revenue sports, and as a partial member in football. The deal was unheard of at the national level, and Notre Dame officials asked for a 90 days to make a decision."

We'll know soon.