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Sunday Expansion Links

Here are the latest links on the ACC expansion imbroglio. The news from
Miami ought to start leaking by Monday a.m. at the latest. The Post has a
kind article about John Swofford,
who, before we forget, negotiated an
astounding TV package last time around. The Roanoke Times reports that the
reason a Miami-only expansion didn't happen was because other schools wanted
to spite Duke and UNC.
Great move: now the ACC stands a chance
of looking truly ridiculous, and your schools could lose millions. And it's about time that someone said this:
for all the criticism the North Carolina schools have taken over the years, the
conference, at the end of the day, was well-managed. If it turns out to be
true that spite and vindictiveness against Duke and UNC led to this insanity,
maybe the N.C. schools should reconsider who their friends are.